March Reading Wrap-Up

Okay, so here’s the deal. This month was rough in so many ways and unfortunately my reading really suffered. I managed to finish 2 books this month, which still leaves puts me 7 books ahead of schedule for my goal for the year so I’m not going to beat myself up too much for it. I read a total of 591 pages this month and I actually gave both books 4 stars which was really nice.

Lets have a little look at which books I picked up!

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February Wrap-Up

Another month down, people! February was another pretty good reading month for me but there were a lot more 3 star reads compared to January. Here’s some quick stats for you: I managed to read 10 books this month, which puts me 9 books ahead of schedule for my goal for the year! I read a total of 2,865 pages this month and listened to 26.2 hours of audiobooks. My average rating was 4.1 and I made time to read 20 days out of the 28.

Let’s take a look at the books I finished in the month of February!

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January Wrap-Up

Today’s post is my very first monthly wrap-up! I’ll be posting one of these on the first Friday of each month, giving you an overview of my reading for the previous month and a mini-review of all the books I’ve finished. I’ll also be including a little look at my stats and will be checking back against my reading goals for the year to keep myself accountable. Hope you enjoy!

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