My Favourite Thrillers: Recommendations from a crime-avoidant reader.

Okay, let me be upfront with you right away: crime novels and I do not get along. There’s just something about the traditional crime/thriller/mystery format of following a detective around, trying to suss out whodunnit that inspires nothing in me but the need to doze off. So, when I find one where the premise intrigues me even a little, I jump at the chance to potentially find a thriller I’ll fall in love with. avoidant

Now, I know what you’re gonna say. ‘But if you know you don’t like them why do you bother picking something up you know you probably won’t enjoy?’ And yes, sometimes this is as big a failure as you’d probably expect but every so often I find myself completely enthralled and asking myself, “Um, excuse me, remind me again why you don’t read more thrillers?”

Here are just a few of the crime, mystery and thriller books that well and truly shattered my expectations. There are three Young Adult picks and three Adult ones, with a few familiar titles as well as some lesser-knowns. Whether you’re thriller obsessed or a self-proclaimed “hater” like me, hopefully there will be one here that catches your attention.

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