Review Policy

I am not currently taking requests to read and review books at this time. I will update my socials when this changes.

Rating System

My reviews reflect not only my own enjoyment of the book but also how likely I am to recommend it to other readers. Even if I personally did not enjoy a book, I recognise that there will be plenty of people who might end up loving it and this is something I aim to portray that in my reviews.

★★★★★I loved this book – it might even be a new favourite! I would highly recommend this book and will probably scream about it to anyone that will listen.
★★★★☆I really enjoyed this book and think the majority of readers would too! I would still highly recommend this book with only slightly less enthusiasm than a 5-star read.
★★★☆☆I enjoyed this book felt there was just something missing. I would still recommend this book, particularly to people who enjoyed similar genres and titles.
★★☆☆☆I did not enjoy this book – it wasn’t for me but I can see why other people may have enjoyed it. I would mainly recommend this to people who have enjoyed similar titles or the author’s other works.
★☆☆☆☆I disliked this book and would struggle to recommend it to other readers.
DNFI occasionally do not finish books. In the event of a dnf I will not rate a book but will still mention my thoughts on it in monthly wraps ups.

Reading Preferences

I tend to gravitate towards fictional titles for adult, new adult, and young adult audiences, but I do occasionally read stories that are targeted towards middle grade or 9-12 age groups. My preferred genres are as follows:

Highly preferred:  fantasy, science fiction, literary fiction.
Would still read:  contemporary, romance, thriller, real lives/biography/memoir.
Would not read at all:  history, business, religion/spirituality.

Policy & Disclaimers

  • I am fair in my review process and all of my reviews are my own personal, honest opinions.
  • I will only write a full review for books I rates 3 stars or higher. If I rate a book below 3 stars I will still include it in my monthly wrap up and, in some cases, write a short review on Goodreads.
  • My reviews will always be cross-posted to both Goodreads and the Waterstones website.
  • If the book is an ARC or proof copy, I will aim to post my review within 2 weeks of publication.