March Reading Journal Set-Up

Hello lovelies! For today’s post, I’m going to be taking you through my reading journal spreads for the month of March, inspired by Laini Taylor’s Strange the Dreamer. This was one of my favourite books I picked up in February and I was really struggling to think of a theme for the this month’s spreads so I decided to use the book as a very loose basis for my set-up! I’m really happy with the way these came out and I hope you like them as much as I do.

Supplies: → Notebook Therapy Tsuki ‘Pastel Edition’ Bullet Journal in Lilac Taro
→ Uni Pc1MR Posca Marker in Metallic Blue
→ Uni Pin 0.1 Fine Line in Black
→ Uni Pin 0.5 Fine Line in Black
→ Crayola Super Tip in Light Grey
→ Papermate Non-Stop mechanical pencil
→ Staedtler Mars 57601F circle template (as a ruler)

Title Page

“I only mean,” he rushed to explain, “if you’re afraid of your own dreams, you’re welcome here in mine.”

This quote was probably the main inspiration behind the whole theme as I could not get it out of my head after reading. I played around for a little while with the fonts and placement but after I added the dreamy clouds around it I really did not like the way it had turned out. Looking at it now though, it’s definitely grown on me and is quite a calming page to come back to. The script font I used throughout the entirety of this month’s set up was inspired by one called Memories. Mine is obviously not as uniform as the real thing but I almost prefer that and I think it really suits the dreamy vibe of the theme.

Books Read

“The library knows its own mind,” old Master Hyrrokkin told him, leading him back up the secret stairs. “When it steals a boy, we let it keep him.” 

I knew I wanted to do a library card-style spread for this theme right away to incorporate the Great Library of Zosma. I usually keep my ‘books read’ page fairly empty with just a title when I’m setting up because I never know how many books I’ll manage to get to. I think this would have also worked great as a TBR page but, as I’m not the best for sticking to those, I would rather it be on a page I’ll definitely keep coming back to. I did initially make a template on Docs that I planned to print out but I ran out of ink literally the day I filmed my set-up reel! I am still really happy with how this page came out, though.

March To Be Read

“The books under the dust, they were stories. Folktales, fairy tales, myths, and legends. They spanned the whole world. They went back centuries, and longer, and whole shelves of them—entire, beautiful shelves— were stories of Weep. He lifted one down with more reverence than he’d ever felt for the sacred texts of the abbey, blew off the dust, and began to read.”

Again, because I’m a bit of a TBR rogue, I didn’t go crazy with this page because I know deep down I won’t actually pay it that much mind. I decided to just go for a stack of Lazlo’s beloved books and I’ll go back and mark each one as I read them. Super simple but I really like how it looks, plus that metallic blue makes everything look nicer than it actually is.

Days Read

“On the occasions that he did look up from the page, he would seem as though he were awakening from a dream.” 

I struggled a bit with this page, I did initially want to do shelves with potion bottles as a nod to Nero’s alchemy lab but I just couldn’t get all the bottles to look right. I decided I wanted to do something starry (I couldn’t resist, it’s basically my brand at this point) so I would up recreating a spread I found by @thuys.bujo on Instagram which was originally a mood tracker. There’s a little suspended star for every day of March which I’ll just colour in if I make time to read that day. I also added some little book stacks around the heading and some stars around the one on my TBR page so that the spread was more cohesive.

I hope you enjoyed this little look inside my reading journal. This will probably be my last set up in the Lilac Taro as I’m almost completely out of room! I do have a new one lined up for April so please let me know if you’d like to see more of my monthly set-ups going forward. Also, if you’d like to see some footage of me actually setting these spreads up, head over to my Bookstagram where I have a reel showing a little bit of the process.

Lots of love,
Quinn 💛

7 thoughts on “March Reading Journal Set-Up

  1. Ummm I’m freaking OBSESSED with how your reading journal turned out. All of the Strange the Dreamer vibes are so on point and you did an amazing job incorporating it naturally into these pages. I am insanely impressed and in awe right now!


  2. ahhh quinn!! your set-ups are so gorgeous omg!! i love the whole theme so so much, and the star part which is to check how many days you’ve read is beautiful!! the metallic blue does look really great, and i can’t wait to see your spreads in april!! 💖


  3. This is such a pretty setup!! I love the library card page– it’s such a cool idea and it looks great! I’d love to see your future setups!


  4. Oh my gosh these pages are so beautiful 🥺 that journal is absolutely gorgeous, I’m going to have to look into them!! have a lovely day x


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