Review: The Ravens by Kass Morgan and Danielle Paige

Kappa Rho Nu isn’t your average sorority. Their parties are notorious. Their fundraisers are known for being Westerly College’s most elaborate affairs. But beneath the veil of Greek life and prestige, the sisters of Kappu Rho Nu share a secret: they’re a coven of witches. For Vivi Deveraux, being one of Kappa Rho Nu’s Ravens means getting a chance to redefine herself. For Scarlett Winters, a bonafide Raven and daughter of a legacy Raven, pledge this year means living up to her mother’s impossible expectations of becoming Kappa Rho Nu’s next president. Scarlett knows she’d be the perfect candidate — that is, if she didn’t have one human-sized skeleton in her closet…. When Vivi and Scarlett are paired as big and little for initiation, they find themselves sinking into the sinister world of blood oaths and betrayals.

Title: The Ravens
Author: Kass Morgan, Danielle Paige
Publisher: Hodder & Staughton
Intended Audience: Young Adult
Genre: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Thriller
TW: Death, murder, cancer, blood, violence
Rating: ★★★★☆

We don’t choose our sisters, the magic does.”

The Ravens, Kass Morgan & Danielle Paige

Let me start off by saying this: this was a ride. I was very kindly sent an e-arc for review via NetGalley but then this beautiful copy (pictured above) from the December Illumicrate subscription box arrived in all its sprayed-edged glory and I couldn’t not share!

At Westerly College, a coven of witches hides in plain sight as the sorority sisters of Kappa Rho Nu, known around campus as the Ravens. Rivalry sparks within the sisterhood between our two main characters, powerful new pledge Vivi and Scarlett, the soon-to-be president who is tasked with showing her the ropes despite thinking she doesn’t have what it takes. However, old secrets haunt the Kappa house and the Ravens must come together to protect their sisterhood.

If I had to describe this book is one word it would be ‘page-turner’ – action-packed from start to finish and brimming with magic and mystery. Every plot twist and revelation brought with it just as many new questions as it answered, propelling the story forwards through a really fun blend of fantasy and thriller. 

This cast of characters felt diverse and distinctive. The contrast between our two protagonists created such an interesting dynamic in their relationship as ‘sisters’, especially when we got to see their ongoing conflicts from both sides of the argument. The other sisters, though much less present in the overall story, popped in at perfectly placed points throughout to provide insight and encouragement which contributed so much to Vivi’s growth as she struggles to understand her new-found power. I also really loved the whole theme of sisterhood in general that ran throughout the book and the way that all the girls banded together to face whatever threats came their way. It felt very much ‘no witch left behind’ and it was really heart-warming to see them bond and learn from one another, whether it was tricky spell-work or greek life etiquette.

My one gripe with this book would have to be the inclusion of the love interests of both Vivi and Scarlett. Both plot lines felt a little weak compared to the drama of everything else going on and, although it was a nice reprieve in amongst all of that, I almost feel it would’ve been better had they been left out and keeping the story focused on the sisterhood. I did really like both of the love interests individually but with all the other action going on their respective romances didn’t feel as though they had enough time to grow naturally. 

I think this book would be perfect for fans of Karen M. McManus’s books, The Raven Boys and also anyone after a YA alternative to Ninth House. Overall, I really enjoyed The Ravens and would absolutely recommend it to anyone after a witchy thriller read with plenty of girl power.

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