2021 Reading Journal Set-Up

I’ve been keeping a reading journal for about two years now – I use it to keep track of what I’ve read throughout the year, to understand my own thoughts about the books I’ve read and to plot out my reviews for them. This is just one of the many ways I keep track of my reading (keep an eye out for a blog post on that soon) but it’s definitely my favourite method I currently use. I’ve always really enjoyed then physical act of writing things down, if I could hand-write blog posts and instagram captions I would, so I much prefer this to note-taking apps or word docs. It’s super practical for me but, like a bullet journal, it also allows me to get a little creative with my spreads.

The journal I’m using for 2021 is from Notebook Therapy, a Tsuki ‘Pastel Edition’ Bullet Journal in Lilac Taro. I normally exclusively use a Leuchtturm1917 journal as I really like how flat they lie and the quality of the cover. However, I’ve found them to be quite bad for ghosting and bleeding with a lot of the pens I like to use. I’m hoping the thicker pages of this new journal will be a lot better, which they definitely have so far.

Supplies used: → Uni Pc1MR Posca Marker in Gold
→ Uni Pc3M Posca Marker in Gold
→ Tombow Dual Brush Pen in Black
→ Uni Pin 0.5 Fine Line in Black
→ Papermate Non-Stop mechanical pencil
→ Staedtler Mars 57601F circle template

The first thing I knew I wanted to incorporate this year was tabs – I do a lot of spreads at the start of my journal so I wanted to make it easier for myself to flip back and forth between them. To do this, I just cut along the first line of the dot grid on the edge of the page, leaving out a little tab – super simple but I think they look really cute and hopefully they’ll be super functional for me throughout the year.

New year, new journal! Starting off with my title page for 2021, I wanted to keep my theme quite minimal and plain, one that I knew I wouldn’t get tired of looking at for the whole year. You can probably tell I have a love for all things starry and celestial so it was an obvious choice to go for a golden starry theme for my reading journal! The shine doesn’t show up so well on these pictures but trust me when I tell you the way these Posca markers show up is so pretty, I’m really pleased with how this little page turned out.

After the title page I have my 2021 reading goals page, but as I’m going to be doing a separate blog post dedicated to this I’m going to skip over that one for now and move onto my anticipated releases spread! I’ve seen people do this ‘year at a glance’ style of spread in their bullet journals for important dates like birthdays and events and thought it would be perfect for tracking my anticipated releases for the coming year. I think if I could do it again I might do three months to a page instead of six – I only put a few on to take this picture and May is already nearly full… oops.

Next up is the books read tracking page; this one is pretty standard but I always like to include it in all my journals. I didn’t have a number in mind when I started drawing out the spread but I have enough space on it for 72 books. Even though I’m not sure I’ll get anywhere near that, I didn’t think I’d hit 35 this year and I ended up going way past that with nowhere to write them down! I also have a key in the top left to colour them according to the format of book I read but I haven’t decided what colours they’ll be yet.

This one is a direct copy from my 2020 journal! I really enjoyed being able to track my favourite books of each month and see them all lined up next to each other so I knew I definitely wanted to carry it on for next year. You can see where I’ve left a little pencil mark for where I’ve mapped out where I want the book covers to go so I’ll just be printing them out throughout the year and sticking them in as I go.

My series tracker is here to remind me to stop picking up firsts in a series when I have so many unfinished ones! I’m so bad at reading series – I either binge the whole lot in one go or wait months between reading each book. I’ve listed a few of the series I really want to finish or get up to date with this year to hold myself accountable.

My Buzzwordathon spread is a brand new one for 2021. Kayla over at booksandlala announced a year-long version of her Buzzword readathon so I wanted a place I could refer back to without having to keep skipping around through her announcement video each month. I’ve left a little circle to either tick or write in the number of books I completed that fit the prompt for the month.

I’m hoping I won’t need to use this last spread too much, which is exactly why I knew I had to put it in! I purposely only gave myself one page for my haul log because the plan is to buy far less books in 2021 than I have in previous years. The lack of space on this page is also very symbolic of the lack of space on my bookshelves so hopefully by keeping one clear I can stop the other from getting out of hand.

I really hope you enjoyed this little peak inside my reading journal! Please let me know if you’d like to see more of these throughout the year – I could maybe share my monthly spreads or show you how these first ones fill out as the year goes on? Always open to hearing your thoughts.

Have lovely day or night, everyone!
Quinn 💛

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    • Thank you so much!! This is my third one so it’s taken me a while to figure out exactly how I like to set it up but this is the first one I’ve been 100% happy with!

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